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I have been having quite a fun time playing with paint these days. It just seemed like the time was right to try something new. Here are a few ideas to throw out there!


The "un-doing" of my thoughts become this spirited process. The repetition of simple marks, lines & smudges of paint, flow organically without judgment. I don't correct;

I just let-go and freely make my marks.

If it's pleasing to me, that is fine; and if it's not, I resist the temptation to fix and let it be.


While a part of my core strives for perfection & the masking of flaws, the reality of imperfection and falling short, is a constant frustration.

This new-found process of freely letting go of any expectations has been a pure and uncomplicated exercise.


The colors and shapes are created using texture and charcoal. Paint and pastel are applied loosely with my fingers. This messy, unconfined activity brings back fun childhood memories. This act of playfulness has given me a fresh & liberating perspective, reminding myself that things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful. 


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