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Art In The Attic

Miss Carol has been a creative soul all her life, and love is reflected in everything she does! She majored in Art at KU, the Art Institute of Kansas City and was an art instructor for the Nelson Art Museum children's programs before opening her own home-and attic-to create Art in the Attic. Carol and I LOVE to collaborate on classes whenever possible!  She has after school programs, birthday parties and most recently PRESCHOOL classes for the little ones! Check out her website & sign up at:

I Am
Passionate About

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I loved every minute of this collaboration with Children's Mercy Hospital! I designed a new logo that celebrates the love and care given to these little patients. This logo was printed on an initial order of 700 t-shirts in 3 colors!  The ladies in the gift shop were super nice and arranged a Pop-Up shop with  display of my custom products which included coasters, key chains, acrylic ornaments and key chains.

I was also inspired to design a sweet line of cards & notecards.  It was so fun to share these little pins with those who visited the gift shop!

 Creighton Presidential Seal 

This was a commission piece for Fr Hendrickson- President of Creighton University in Omaha, NE. This was given as a gift to him for his private residence. My unique mosaic painting technique works great especially when recreating a seal or logo.  Once the painting is complete, the painting is photographed and this image can be used on a variety of products. I had a request for sets of coasters for incoming medical residents.  The other Creighton designs are the Blue Jay (mosaic painting image), St John's Church and the very first Creighton image I did was "Billy".


Home Decor & Custom Projects

This section shows the variety of projects. I really enjoy doing custom pieces, and find it rewarding when the client plays an active role in the concept stage. I love to brainstorm about size, color and subject matter. Beyond deciding what colors will look great in your space, let's see what inspires you! Trip photos of your favorite place could inspire a landscape piece. Maybe it's as simple as loving a particular flower, bird or your favorite sports team! Whatever we dream up, and whether it's in my mosaic painting technique, or some other fun technique, it will for sure make a bold statement! Cause that's how I roll!

Do you have a commercial space or office that needs something to pop off those beige walls? The grand size and texture of my pieces will do the trick! Together we can come up with an art piece that will be meaningful to your life and enjoyed for years to come!

Better Homes and Gardens - Special Interest Publications

I worked with a field editor and Better Homes and Gardens, and came up with project ideas for their magazines and books.  Our collaborations with these these diverse projects enabled me to experiment and "play" with a variety of materials. Many of our projects "made it" on the covers of the magazines.  My work was published in over 25 magazines and books.  Here are a few examples! 

Picture Perfect Invitations

I could hardly call this a job, it was so fun! I would illustrate the cards usually in a 6x9 format. Holidays, general entertaining occasions, baby, children's birthday parties, you name it....they were all FUN!

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