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I have a unique painting technique that I call mosaic painting. I use drywall mud to give texture to my board and after painting the base color, I sketch my design in charcoal.

I mix my paint and with sponges in various simple shapes,  I apply my paint.


I LOVE the idea of taking small motifs and paint them large with bold vibrant color!


I enjoy vivid colors and simple shapes to transform the painting into an interesting, textural piece of art!


Sometimes it takes another glance to see that it is truly paint.

I LOVE the energy that color can bring!


Most of these images below are available in prints on wood. If not available, they can be special ordered. Most common sizes are 24" x 24", 12" x 12" and 6"x 6". Coasters & Post Art are also available. Message me with questions!


Spring of we were all trying to figure out work and life...I needed a project. Mother's Day was coming and I thought one of these sweet little Birdies would make a great gift.  I had "porch" pick up available and customers could easily leave their gift on someone else's porch!  I made an initial 24 birdies, posted on FaceBook and within a day, they were sold! I continued to make small batches through the summer.  I had requests for more designs!  People loved to change them out seasonally! I was inspired by Pride month, pumpkins for fall, Funky ornaments, trees & angels for the holidays, hearts for February and, to come full circle, butterflies were just seemed appropriate. Butterflies represent transformation, hope and change.

I DO take special orders, so send me a message if you're interested! 


Plaza Banners & The Process

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